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8th Annual Conference on Oral Care and Dentistry

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Place : Spain, Porto Cristo

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Contact Person:Sophia Jane


Dear Esteemed Participants, It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to all participants for the upcoming "8th Annual Conference on Oral Care and Dentistry" - Dental Oral Care 2024, scheduled to take place on October 17-18, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain. This conference serves as a unique opportunity for dental community to converge, share knowledge, and engage in insightful discussions on the latest trends and advancements in dental research, technology, and practice. Dental Oral Care 2024 will be a gathering of eminent scientists, doctors, researchers, university professors, and students. The event will feature a comprehensive program comprising lectures, oral and poster presentations, exhibitions, and more, providing a platform to share research experiences and garner recognition through certificates signed by our eminent world-class organizing committee. We are proud to present an impressive group of keynote speakers, quality assistants, and engaging content, making Dental Oral Care 2024 an attractive prospect for delegates from universities and institutes to interact with leading scientists. We encourage interested participants to confirm their attendance, both individually and as groups, to enrich the collaborative atmosphere of the conference. We invite you to join us at Dentistry Conferences 2024, not only to enhance your professional knowledge but also to savor the unique charm of the region. Our event guarantees to be an exceptional experience. Best Regards, Organizing Committee | Dental Oral Care 2024 Contact: dentalmanagement@globalconferencemeet.com Important Deadlines: 1st Phase Abstract Submission Deadline: May 19, 2024 (*) Final Paper Submission Deadline: September 18, 2024 (*) 1st Phase Early Bird Registration Deadline: June 17, 2024 (*) Notification of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection: 1-2 days Conference Dates: October 18, 2024 Join as a group with a minimum of 5 members and avail a 25% discount on the total registration fee. Exciting early bird registration perks await you. Mark your calendar for these important Dental Oral Care 2024 deadlines. Awards & Opportunities Dental Oral Care 2024 acknowledges participants for outstanding contributions to the field. Awards Presented: Young Scientist Award Best Speaker Award Best Poster Award Best Keynote Speaker Award Best Organizing Committee Member Award Selection Criteria: Overall abstract quality Timeliness of the topic Relevance to the conference scope and mission Well-defined focus within the program track structure Join us at Dental Oral Care 2024 by submitting your Abstract. Benefits of Participation Benefits of Engaging in Our Conference: Enhance your credentials in the field with accredited professional development credits and a certification upon participation. Benefit from Google creating Speaker and Abstract pages under your name, providing unparalleled exposure for your expertise to a worldwide audience. Our Library of Abstracts garners over 30,000 monthly visits and 50,000 views, attracting esteemed scholars and speakers to our conference. Engage in collaborative discussions tailored for attendees who come with their research teams, fostering interactive and insightful sessions. Meet and exchange ideas with esteemed thought leaders in the Orthodontics & Dentistry field, expanding your professional network and gaining valuable insights. Stand a chance to receive prestigious accolades such as the Young Scientist Award and Best Poster certificates, gaining well-deserved recognition for your impactful contributions. Each conference attendee has the opportunity to participate in personalized one-on-one discussions with distinguished speakers and recognized keynote presenters, facilitating meaningful exchanges and fostering professional growth.

8th Annual Conference on Oral Care and Dentistry will be held in Porto Cristo,Spain on date 2024-10-18

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 7th October 2024

Organized By :walsh Medical Media

Keynote Speakers :

Conference Highlights :Dentistry Dental Health Dental Anatomy Tooth Anatomy Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Digital Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Nano Dentistry Dental Surgery Dental Treatments Dental Imaging and Dental Instruments Dental Complications Endodontics Periodontics Prosthodontics Orthodontics Hypodontics Oral Cancer Oral Pathology Dental Problems Craniofacial Surgery Pathophysiology of Dental and Oral disorders Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology Clinical Research in Dental Health Dental Caries and Treatment Methodologies Dental Products and Biomaterials Dental Hygiene Dental Implants

Venue :Novotel Barcelona Cornella

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8th Annual Conference on  Oral Care and Dentistry

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